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    Serra do Gerês - Portugal
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Portugal will be one of the best holidays in your life. With over 300 days of sun a year, Portugal is warmed by sea and air currents from north Africa. It’s perfect for beach holidays and activities. The people, the food, and the surroundings are all absolutely incredible … Portugal will always find a place in your heart !

Here are some interesting facts featuring a dose of knowledge on what might be your new favorite country, Portugal !
It’s nearly impossible to condense a complete list of the Portugal must do’s in a single short listing. The country is widely known for its beaches, but it also features beautiful countrysides, exquisite food and drink, wonderful nightlife and entertainment and a variety of other draws as well. It is a place where travelers of all ages, backgrounds and financial levels can find a great time and vacation. Here are some of the best things to explore in Portugal.

1. Lisbon – the capital

Lisbon_PortugalLisbon is the capital city and the most lively of all Portuguese towns. With a bustling nightlife and a wide array of delicious restaurants, bars, clubs and cultural events, it is a beautiful draw to tourists of all backgrounds. No trip to Portugal would be complete without several days to explore the sights, sounds, tastes and smells of Lisbon.

2. The Southern Coast – Algarve

Algarve-PortugalThe southern coast of Portugal, the Algarve region, is one of the best places to go for beach tourism in the world. It’s famous for cove beaches and caves, with hidden grottos and plenty of crystalline sand. Algarve is a popular destination for those in search of luxury resort accommodations, but it’s also possible to explore with a campervan.

3. Costa do Sol – Cascais / Sintra

Guincho-beachCosta del Sol is perhaps the most famous set of beaches in all of Portugal. Located about 20 min from Lisbon to the west, it is a home to many Europeans who enjoy traveling there for tourism. It’s a popular day trip from Lisbon and is welcoming to those with families or those who are looking for an active bar and nightlife scene.

4. Wine Tasting

Portugal-winesPortugal is known worldwide for producing some of the finest wine anywhere. Most of the country has vineyards scattered around; schedule tours for samples and to learn about the way that wine is grown and made in this country. The Douro vinewards region, a world heritage site, is a nice choice to explore by campervan.

5. Porto

Porto-portugalThe primary tourist destination in the northern part of the country, Porto is famous for beaches, a calmer and quieter pace of life, and the alcohol that is named after the city: port.


There are hundreds of other must-see sights in Portugal. Take a dive in this website to find out much more …

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